Mahone Bay – The Biscuit Eater

IMAG1645If ever I was to have a café it would be akin to the “Biscuit Eater” in Mahone Bay. The oldest building in the town, it is an sweet old wooden home converted into a café and bookshop where you can choose to sit out on their patio and try to decipher what plant is what in their garden, in their small dining room or hidden amongst the books in a comfy chair tucked around the corner. Off the main road in Mahone Bay behind the market it opened over 10 years ago and although it changed hands back around 2012 – I particularly remember their homemade marshmallows when they first opened – the essence of the place is still the same and it is as charming as it was when it first opened.

Mahone Bay is one of my favourite little places along the South Shore. It’s picturesque churches, stunning Victorian homes and whimsical shops and galleries make it a great place to stroll around for an afternoon. There’s Amos Pewter, The Teaser, The Tea Brewery, The Northern Sun Gallery, Seamist Studio, and that’s just getting me started on the shops that one can get lost in and happily spend all holiday money in. I hadn’t been down to Mahone Bay all summer so on my day off this week we decided to spend the afternoon window shopping and having a bite to eat at one of the restaurants in town. By the time we reached Mahone Bay our stomachs were first priority and as neither of us had been to the Biscuit Eater in ages and books and food are two of my favourite things off we went.

IMAG1643It was too nice of an afternoon to sit indoors though so we sat out on their patio underneath their terrace. It’s lovely! I’m not the best with plants so I quizzed my mom on what everything was in their garden while we waited for our food to arrive. Their menu is made up of seasonal flavours and it supposedly changes regularly. They were out of the smoke salmon BLT but there was still lots to choose from. My mom went for their Summer Pad Thai Salad – a take on the Thai classic with Rice Noodles, bean sprouts, carrots cucumber, red pepper and home made peanut sauce. I took, as always, longer to decide and offered to share so that I cheekily, could try the salad as well. Finally, I landed on their Applewood Smoked Ham and Brie Panini with crisp apple, rocket and grainy mustard with a side of their soup of the day- broccoli and cheddar. The sandwich stole the show for me, with the salad coming close second though. My Panini was full of flavours, warm, crunchy sweet and salty. I could eat one everyday happily.

We finished our lunch and had a quick perusal though the books before heading off to explore the shops and getting dessert at Oh My Cod. The next place to try for lunch in Mahone Bay I think. They sell Central Smith Ice Cream which is from Ontario and it’s pretty tasty. We both went for Big Foot- vanilla bean ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl and peanut butter cups. Scrumdiddlyumptious and even the sun came out at the end of it all to mark the ending of a perfectly lovely afternoon in Mahone Bay.



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