Gingerbread, Chocolate and a Gecko Bus


It was a weekend of new finds for me, – Burritos, Gingerbread and Chocolate! Not to mention the new Star Trek film had come out so that was on the list and a road trip to Sherbrooke Village to see a show. Not to bad for a few days off.


I was counting down the hours at work on Saturday until I could hop in Sarah’s car and off we’d go to catch the latest Star Trek instalment. Next Generation was a massive part of growing up, 5pm in my house was Star Trek hour so these films allow me to embrace my Trekkiness. The first stop was to get something to eat though. We didn’t have loads of time so we needed something quick and tasty. Sarah suggested the Gecko Bus and as I had never been and its home base, for the most part, is in the parking lot of the Kent Home Hardware Store in Bayer’s Lake, off we went. The Gecko Bus has been around since 2014 but it was new to me. It’s a converted school bus decorated on the outside totally green, complete with the head and tail of a Gecko decorating the outside and a small diner and kitchen on the inside serving up modern Mexican street food with a twist. It specialises in Tacos but make incredibly tasty burritos too! Sarah had their famous tacos and I tried their pulled pork Carnitas burrito with their homemade salsa. Everything is fresh and there are loads of options for you to choose from to make it your own. I’m a medium spice gal myself but if you like more or less spice its easy to adjust with four different salsas to choose from. It was easily the best burrito I have ever had and set me up perfectly for the film, which also didn’t disappoint. It was a slow burn to start but jammed with special affects, a stunning interpretation of an international space station, and once it got going it was full throttle till the end with edge of your seat excitement and classic Star Trek humour.


The next day was a day trip to Sherbrooke Village along Highway 102. It’s a long drive but a beautiful one filled with loads of picturesque views and some interesting art pieces along the way. I hadn’t been to the village since I was 8 years old and I will definitely have to go back to explore. We were there to see a walk around show that takes you through the streets and green spaces of the village so we didn’t have the time to visit any of the actual buildings other than their tearoom of course. We were dying of thirst and hunger so a glass of their freshly squeezed perfectly tart and sweet home made lemonade was on order. The lady across from us got hers first and you just heard go “mmm, oh my that’s good” as she took her first sip to know that it was going to be just what the doctor ordered. For lunch Sherbrooke’s Gingerbread. It tasted slightly like Christmas in July and the lightest gingerbread I have ever had. Served smothered in their warm lemon sauce. It went down a treat and both lemonade and gingerbread are well worth popping into the tearoom for.

My last find this week was a gift from Sarah who had been out to Alberta and came back with Purdy’s Chocolatier for me to try. Her favourite. I can understand why. Firstly, they come in a little purple box tied with a purple bow. Secondly they are hand crafted – daintily pained or shaped into animals and thirdly they don’t have the normal amount of preservatives that so many of our large North American Chocolatiers seem to feel they need to put into chocolate – mainly wax. So they melt in your mouth the way chocolate should. I had four to taste. A lemon meringue, a lemon and blackberry ganache, milk chocolate caramel and my favourite – a praline hedgehog! You can buy them online, as I have checked, but I think it would be better to add it to the list of reasons why I need to explore Western Canada sooner rather than later.




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