Malted Egg Spring Cupcakes

The Easter Bunny may have left the building but his goodies haven’t. To save myself from myself I have been thinking of ways to use them and then who to give away the goods to. It is great having friends willing to take your baked goods off your hands and this is why two weeks after Easter you have a post about a very Easter looking cupcake.

I just wanted a basic cupcake recipe that I could add a little something too. So I took out the old cookbooks and had a search through Google and found this one from Red online . This is supposed to be Mary Berry’s basic cupcake recipe but once I had put it together I didn’t think it resembled batter enough so I looked at other recipes and decided on adding some milk to the mix and then to help my cause – I threw in some crushed Malted Easter Eggs.

For the icing I used a buttercream icing which always goes down a treat. Once the cupcakes were cool, it was time for the fun part. I found my Great Aunt’s Cake Decorator, stuffed it full of rich buttercream icing and took to decorating. Complete with sprinkles and a Mini Cadbury’s Easter Egg on top to welcome in the Spring.

maltedeasteregg recipe



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