Heaven on a Plate – Ricotta Nutella Hotcakes

Nutella – rich, sweet, chocolate hazelnut spread that really does improve a lot of breakfast options – yogurt, fruit, porridge, toast, the list goes on… Melbourne, I think due to the high Italian population, has become a haven for Nutella lovers. Nutella is everywhere. The Nutella Donut is found in every donut shop or cafe – the warm ones are delectable, Nutella milkshakes topped with a Nutella donut can be found in the latest brunch place or Operator 25‘s Peanutella Blast where hot chocolate and Nutella ice cream meet to create the perfect mid season treat. And then there is the Nutella Pancake. I am not talking about a French crepe stuffed with Nutella and fruit, which is delicious and also easily found. I am talking about the Ricotta Nutella Hotcakes at 5Lire. The next level or as Marcus quite simply put it “Heaven on a Plate.”


I don’t remember who found the Instagram picture of these particular pancakes but one of us did and for the last 6 months we have been planning to suss them out. Time, commitments and other brunch destinations kept getting in the way. Finally, with my imminent departure to New Zealand we tied down a Nutella Date.


5Lire is an Italian cafe filled with charm; a narrow, cozy but not over crowded cafe on Errol Street, they are the proud creators of this breakfast feat. However, if you aren’t only about Nutella their menu has a fine balance of savoury and sweet options and some tasty looking cakes in their display case.

I felt the need to have a little bit of something savoury before hand so Marcus and I split their croque Monsieur. Brioche with emmental cheese, fig jam and a good kick of chilli. It’s a tasty sandwich and definitely made with real butter. Renato and Jack decided to have a sweet start and finish trying out 5Lire’s carrot cake and salted caramel slice, both of which were just how they should be. The salted caramel slice was velvety thick caramel with dark chocolate and somehow managed to not be too sweet.

And then it was onto what we were all there for. Four plates of fluffy, melt in your mouth Hotcakes topped with airy Nutella parfait, Nutella fairy floss and a cocoa and orange crumble with a good side of Nutella landed in front of the eight of us. It is not something to dive into and we tackled it slowly savouring the tastes and letting the candy floss melt in our mouth. Somehow, they have managed to make the sweetness not too over powering so you have time to get through at least half of them before it hits you. They are divine and truly heaven on a plate for any Nutella lover and make a fantastically impressive photo to show off afterwards


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