The first sign of summer – beach trip & then some Asian treats – Rice, Paper Scissors

The water was numbing, but the sun was beaming and we were going to take in a full day at the beach despite the wind and soak it up. It was the first mini heat wave of the Spring  and for a Monday afternoon  the beach was packed. I would bet that 80% of the beach bums were like us -hospitality workers and having our weekend on Monday after the long weekend. Chelsea Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand and crystal blue water with handy sand bars that allow you to stand miles out only thigh deep. And when the water is just a little on the cold side but it’s too hot not to be in the water it is perfect. By mid day we were all just standing in water, hands on hips, doing the gibbon as my father would say, having a chat enjoying the water and cooling off without fully getting in.  We even fit in a sandy but refreshing watermelon slice!

Our first beach trip of the coming summer was topped off with a dinner at the Asian Fusion tapas restaurant “Rice, Paper, Scissors“. Hidden down a little lane way off of Bourke Street if feels world’s away from the CBD, despite being in the middle of it. We dove into 5 courses of tapa deliciousness including betel leaf with Balinese Roast Duck, mini soft chill crab Vietnamese Baguettes and pork belly worth stuffing yourself for! Although eating the Pork Belly with chopsticks proved to be anything but graceful. While we waited for a table, we were told to try out Shimbashi, a Japanese Sake bar next door which makes spicy cocktails or alcoholic bubble tea to taste. Exploding tapioca balls aren’t really my thing but the fruity concoction they were in was well worth the shot of jelly every now and then. So if you like bubble tea it is well worth a visit especially if you are heading next door for dinner.


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