The Cafe Files: brunching here and there

I think if you had to give ten things or words that would describe Melbourne, brunch would be one of them. Melbourne loves its brunches. Poached eggs, smashed avocado are everywhere and in a million different formats. Which is great as I love brunch and wonderfully my circle of friends do too so we are always sending each other new brunch ideas. The latest two were hit up the other week.

The first, Breakfast Thieves, is nestled in the back streets between Fitzroy and Collingwood. It was Marta’s last few days so a good old brunch was in order and The Breakfast Thieves had been highly recommended. The menu isn’t huge but it is tasty, and each dish has a little something that makes it sound special. I was torn between their Uncle Foo’s Fiery Crab burger and their Spanish Gypsy Dance. Spanish Morcilla, black pudding, served with crispy polenta bars and poached eggs. I have never been brave enough to try Black/blood pudding before. I read once about how they used to make it back in the 1700’s and well that put an end to me ever wanting to try it even if I have had a (large number) of foodies swear to me it is delicious. Finally as the waitress took our orders and I asked lots of questions ,I decided to give it a whirl and be adventurous. Foodie friends you were correct. It is quite tasty! Everyone’s food was filling and delicious as we all passed around our dishes to get a little taste test of each. After, we ordered chai after latte after tea in good brunch fashion and sat for hours on end digesting over good conversation.

Our next brunch stop was before a trip to see Pitch Perfect 2, so not as much coffee was consumed, nor leisurely conversation but it was just as good. Operator25 is definitely a favourite of local businesses and comes with that cool relaxed atmosphere you would find in modern NY/Melbourne style establishment. It’s is off of La Trobe St on an unassuming side site and has with roughly covered brick walls, raw lighting and large flower centre pieces with breakfast and lunches that tie it altogether. I had a Reuben Eggs Benedict – mustardy hollandaise sauce with pastrami on crumpets. Yumm. Strangely I have never thought to have crumpets with Benedict before but it is something I have repeated on my own now. Small life changer. Regularly smashing loads of avocado on top and butter and it works better than English muffins. Fiona and Marcus ventured into a pork burger which had the perfect size kick to it and crispy sweet potato fries on the side. Slightly more lunch than breakfast but that is what’s great about brunch! We left satisfied, and full while Fiona, ever the interior designer, snapped photos of the counter and flowers saying mmm oh I like the layout as we hurried off to catch the trailers before Pitch Perfect 2.


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