Easter Feast – Slow cooked steak in a White Wine, Rosemary, Sage & Mushroom Gravy


No big surprise, I am a foodie. I was once nicknamed “petite gourmande” which sounds quite nice in French, if translated to English however, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it – little glutton. I was probably aptly nicknamed and this Easter just solidified it. Any excuse to get a group together, try a new recipe or old classics, indulge in conversation and bring out the gourmand in all of us. Easter obviously falls under that category. When I was little it was all about being around friends and family and good food. On Good Friday we would make Ukrainian Easter Eggs to decorate our Easter Tree with the Brennan’s, listen to the Gypsy Kings and eat Fish Chowder. Come Sunday or Monday it would be Easter Egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and a ham dinner at Nanny and Poppies with the clan. Living abroad, growing up, things change a little but having a dinner with the people I care about doesn’t so we decided to bring our “little clan” together and made an epic Easter dinner of it.

The menu wasn’t decided until the morning of, although I had batted around several ideas. We didn’t have an oven so that threw out the roast options out the window and making meat always intimidates me a little but I fancied some sort of slow cooked meat.  So I turned to Pinterest and after a bit of searching we decided on Pork Tenderloins cooked in White Wine with Rosemary and Sage, a recipe from Seasons & Suppers. It would take about an hour and a half to cook, we could do it all on a stove top and it sounded fancy but easy.  So menu finalised, groceries bought, we had a quick snack of nacho’s and salsa and then began the cooking process.


5 cloves of garlic
8 sprigs of fresh rosemary
A handful of fresh sage
1 1/4 cup of dry white wine
4 x fillet steaks
8 flat cup mushrooms thinly sliced
1/2 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup thick cream
Salt & pepper to taste


  • Heat the oil in a large Dutch Oven or deep sauce pan. Adding the garlic and sautéing slightly. To this add the Rosemary and Sage stirring until fragrant.
  • Place your four steaks on top of the herbs and sear both sides of the steak locking in all of the juices. Once they are seared remove from the pan and put aside while you add the wine to the herbs and garlic. Simmer for about two minutes or until the smell of alcohol has burnt off. Stir it around a bit as you do this so that all the flavours mix together.
  • Place your steaks back into the pot with the mushrooms, season with salt and pepper and then cover with a lid leaving it slightly askew. Allow it to cook for about an hour and a half, moving the steaks around every now and then. While also checking if there is enough water. You may need to add in about 1/4 cup of warm water about half way through.
  • Once everything is cooked, you should have a nice fragrant liquid, take out your meat and let it sit while you finish the sauce. Add to the pan the warm chicken stock and remove from heat allowing the sauce to cool. The recipe says 20 minutes but we were slightly impatient and pushed it to 10. Once the sauce is cool add your cream and put it back on the hob over low/ medium heat to warm through and thicken. If it doesn’t thicken add a bit of flour and water paste or cornflour to thicken to your liking and season with salt and pepper.
  • Place your meat on your mash or plate and spoon over the sauce and enjoy the creamy warmth of this dish.

Completely happy with our creation and reduced to a good food comma after the main, we sat back enjoyed the rest of our bottle of wine and got out the tea and savoured a creamy milk chocolate Multeeser bunny over extended conversations and a lot of happy satisfied sighs as all petit gourmands do.


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