Onto the Search for Melbourne Treasure’s – from Gourmet NY Sandwiches to Death by Brownies.

“Ok one word to describe the Brownie. Go!” I said amidst laughter as we all had just taken a bite of Bowery to Williamsburg’s Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie and unanimously all closed our eyes and made sounds of contentedness.


Talia had found the small tucked away cafe the day before and text me stating she had “just found an amazing looking brownie” and did I want to try it? Agreeing to meet for lunch the next day to give it ago we brought a long few more brownie connoisseurs along for the test. Bowery to Williamsburg is a hidden gem of a cafe and while their brownies are worth writing about so are their sandwiches! It has a small outdoor seating area with cafeteria style seating on the inside, large glass counters displaying all the possible fillings and friendly staff. As soon as I looked at the menu and realised it was a NY style deli I knew we were in for a treat.

Civilised as always, three of us decided to share a sandwich before diving into a brownie. It was a hard decision to choose only one. My first choice was their special of the day – a gourmet version of a Reuben. The description alone got my mouth watering and I was instantly transported back into the madness of NY’s Kaytz diner eating my very first Reuben. However the others were worried about the strength of the mustard so we went with our second choice – The Thanksgiving Dinner Sandwich and quite simply that is what it was. Roast turkey, pavlone, a thick spread of cranberry sauce and nut stuffing. One bite and I was home eating leftover roast turkey with all of the trimmings. Their sandwiches are robust and stuffed to the brim and every one that passed us looked good. Not to mention if you added $4 to your sandwich you got a pickle, a pretzel and a side of home made mac & cheese! Divided into three was perfect the perfect amount as we had two brownies to share for dessert but I would endeavour at some point to attempt a full one perhaps with a Mac & Cheese. There is a small possibility I would need to be hoisted from the cafe afterwards but it would have been worth it.

Sandwich finished brownies were brought forward. They both arrived as mini loafs on delicate china plates however are most definitely not delicate and for the faint of heart. Come with a chocolate craving and or a secondary stomach for for dessert.

“Chewy! Delectable! Soothing! Explosive! Velvety!” Were the words that raced around the table as each of us gave our one word description of the GF brownie and the brownie didn’t last for long. Rich, but not too heavy, chewy in the middle and slightly crispy on the outside edges if you had the opportunity to warm it up and add a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream the already delectable brownie would be a masterpiece in a bite.

The Peanut Butter brownie was next and truly the only appropriate response was “wow!” As a child I grew up with commercials saying it was impossible to replicate the taste of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but here it was in a brownie on the other side of the ocean. I was in awe and a tad bit overwhelmed by the peanut butter chocolate taste. It packed a punch, was sinfully rich and a large glass of milk wouldn’t have gone amiss. We happily shared it between three and could have been stretched to four…all Peanut Butter Cravings satisfied until next year or next month…


The Bowery to Williamsburg has been the first real gem Of a cafe I have found on the Melbourne Treasure Map and the brownies are almost the definition of a “Dainty Nacho”. I think I will be hard pressed to find a better brownie in Melbourne. I will definitely be back the next time I need some brownie comfort or a solid taste of a NY Style Deli Sandwich.


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