Markets on Saturday with fresh veg and goodies…these are a few of my favourite things

Hands down my favourite activity in Mildura is the Sunraysia Farmers Market and it only happens twice a month! On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month the riverside pirate playground with a steam engine as it’s background gets transformed into a bustling little market filled with fruit, vegetables, breads, treats and a delicious coffee trailer. Oh and let’s not forget the folk band!


I love it! I get up bright and early, walk along the river to reach the market which is filled with locals of all ages; chatting, having breakfast from the official farmers breakfast stand and buying local goods. Not to mention there are always loads of cute puppies! I get a vanilla chai latte, meander among the stalls and buy fresh fruit and veg for the coming week as it’s always better value than the grocery store! And then end with a treat.

At the beginning of November The Mildura Jazz, Food and Wine festival lined up with the market. A small marquee was set up in front of a grassy knoll and the Peter Hooper Quartet filled the market with jazz! We of course, took full advantage and plonked ourselves down on the grass, drinks in hand and relaxed listening to the band play away and watching a few of the locals and children show their moves! It was perfect!

Four times a year there are larger Farmer Boutique Markets. These combine the regular Sunraysia Farmers Market with the Riverside Boutique Market. I’ve caught one so far. It was at the beginning of October and coincided with the Mildura Country Music Festival, so on top of there being some great arts and crafts there was also live country music. There are card makers, candlestick makers, lotions and potions, clothing, decorations and jewellery. It was hard to keep the wallet safety tucked in my purse. Two in particular caught my eye. Marg & Graham, also known as Crafty Stuff work with metal and wrought iron creating unique tables, signs or garden pieces out of wrenches, horse shoes and other pieces of metal. I could just see a table sitting in my parents garden. A little complicated to get that home in the suitcase though. The other was Silver Spoon Vintage. She takes vintage silverware and stamps it with personalised messages, perfect for special occasions or to make sure no one steals your ice cream spoon. The next Riverfront Boutique Market is on the 6th of December, 8am till noon and I can’t wait to start off the Christmas Season with a Boutique and Food market!

With the sun shinning along the river and everyone in a good mood, the Farmers Market really does make my Saturday morning! And because visiting a farmers market is something that I would do whether in Dublin or Halifax it makes me feel a little bit more at home. If only it was on every weekend!


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