Discovering Australian treats – the Anzac biscuit


I had never heard of Anzac biscuits before Mildura – they are golden brown and filled with oats. And I love oats! Our local grocery store sells largish tubs of them and I had seen them in a few cafés about but I hadn’t tasted one yet. However, one evening one of the lads bought a tub and offered me one. Sold. They are simple crunchy biscuits or cookies that are akin to a hob nob but with a hint of an almost caramel flavour through them. So when Caroline found a little cookbook and instruction manual for our microwave oven in the hostel that contained a recipe for Anzac biscuits it was decided they would be the following weekends cooking adventure. Not to mention we got to learn how to use all the extra buttons on the oven – low mix, high mix, multi cook. Pardon?

The Anzac biscuit, or soldiers cookie came to be during WW1 and was original a savoury biscuit put into a soldiers rations as they last forever. The name Anzac didn’t actually come to be until after the famous ANZAC Gallipoli campaign and whether their invention can be owed to Australian women or New Zealander women is left to be debated. However, who ever invented them, the ingredients are straight forward taken from what would be in one’s store cupboard during the war and one of the simplest cookie recipes I have ever made. There are no eggs which make them even less perishable and the reason for the oats, well they put a bit of health into the mix eh?


125g butter                             1 cup of rolled oats
2 tbsp golden syrup               1 cup of plain flour
1/2 tsp baking soda               1 cup of white sugar
2 tbsp boiling water                3/4 cup coconut


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees – I adjusted the temperature so that it works on a real oven as I don’t think they all come with a high mix button.
  • Melt together the golden syrup and butter in a small pot until combined
  • In a separate bowl add the baking soda to the boiling water (watch it fizzle) and add to your butter mixture
  • Mix together all of your dry ingredients and the add this to your liquid ingredients. Combine well. The mixture shouldn’t be too wet but it should clump easily together
  • Using either teaspoons or hands to shape into balls, place on a lightly greased cooking tray
  • Bake for around 10min or until golden in colour. Remove from tray immediately (they become difficult to get off if you don’t) and cool on a wire rack
  • Lastly Enjoy!

I personally like them with a cup of tea, dipped in hot chocolate or to be extra devilish; the ones which don’t make it off the tray in one piece… Break up, sprinkle over vanilla ice cream add some chocolate sauce or melted Nutella and devour them that way.


6 thoughts on “Discovering Australian treats – the Anzac biscuit

  1. I adore Anzac biscuits !!!! I’m currently travelling in Australia and discovered them here. I think they taste extremely similar to the English flap jack 🙂 if I had an access to an oven I would be making these straight away. Do you think gluten free ones would taste as nice? I would love it if you could take a peep at my blog too :):) love Chloe xxx

    • Sorry Chloe, i only have access to my wordpress account irregularly. I am actually eating an Anzac biscuit as i type. I would totally think that a gouten free version would work. I haven’t baked a lot of gluten free recipes using different types of flour but this recipe doesn’t focus on flour so i dont think it should change too much. It might be nice using ground almonds as a substitute? I have made glueten free brownies before where it uses almonds instead of flour and they were tasty! I will definitely check out your blog! Hope you are loving Austealia! Lia xo

    • Its a great blog. You sound like you have had a good time so far and your make up bag is impressive. I get excited, as i am currently working on a farm, if i get the opportunity to put on a bit of make up as you get into the habit of not putting it on for a 6:30 start to the day so i completely understand how one application of lip gloss can make you feel like a princess. Xo

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