Vivid in pictures & some ice cream

Once a year the Sydney Opera House, Customs House, Darling Harbour, and the Contemporary Art Gallery, to name a few spots, are lit up with spectacular laser and light shows. There are random art instillations dotted here and there like the giant blow up white glowing bunnies; my personal favourite and even the ferries take part dawning lights.

For two weeks starting the end of May from 6:30 to midnight, the downtown area becomes a bustling lit up masterpiece with buildings changing faces in time to music. I have seen a few light shows in Dublin, especially during Culture Night. One of the best nights in Dublin by the way, but I have never seen anything to this scale or expense.

So obviously I was excited! A group of us from the Blue Parrot headed down on the opening night. Our plan – take in Circular Quay with the Sydney Opera House first and end the evening in Darling Harbour. The Quay was choco-block full of people but thankfully as everything is projected onto buildings it doesn’t overly matter if one is on the shorter side. Giant mouths sang along to music on the customs house, a changing colour dance floor had been put out on the grass, next snakes slithered over the facade of the contemporary art museum to the sound of electronic music.

The Sydney Opera House stole the show for me. The roof was morphed into a kaleidoscope of colours and images dancing to music and sounds that were projected across the water. Butterflies, galaxies, fish, cogs and tiles danced to the sounds.

Once we reached Darling Harbour, we treated ourselves to Gelatissimo ice cream. A treat after the round about walk there, it took us a little while to get our bearings but my two scoops of peanut butter and salted caramel ice cream did wonders. Darling Harbour had an incredible laser and water show in the middle of the harbour. They were projecting holograms into the spraying fountains. We arrived in time for the Lion King’s The Circle of Life. The characters from the musical were singing, dancing in the middle of the harbour, next came the Royal Ballet and ballerinas glided to classical music echoing through the harbour.

On the subject of ice cream….Messina’s. This little gem of a place has the best gelato in Sydney! Arguably the best gelato I have ever had and the original one is in Darlinghurst, just a stones throw from The Blue Parrot. You can buy a cone or a freezer box of varying sizes of one, two, three of their flavours – apple pie, caramelised white chocolate, milk chocolate with choc peanut fudge or poached figs in Marsala, just to name a few and that doesn’t include their daily specials. It is amazing! And a great way to end any day, a mid day treat or even better a night cap. It closes at 11pm! And if you happen to be in the cocktail bar next door “Little Darlings” and fancy a little treat amongst your cocktails you can just pop next door. On that note – Their cocktails are worth popping in for. Glasses topped with cotton candy, rolled in 100’s & 1000’s or chocolate swills floating on top. Probably a little too easy to drink.

Between Vivid – evenings bursting with colour, delicious ice cream and candy flavoured cocktails it’s no wonder I stayed in Sydney longer than planned.


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