A bike around the temples of Sukhothai

You read that Sukhothai is Thailand’s response or version of Angkor Watt. They are temples, for the most part made from the same stone but that is about it. Architecturally, at least to me, they are completely different and still madly impressive but in a different way.

I was staying in a quaint guesthouse, At Home, in Sukhothai’s New City on the morning I went to visit the temples or the Old City. I walked the 15 minutes past the day and night markets – where I had had my first Phad Thai in Thailand the night before and seen young elephants eat treats from children, across the bridge to get the bus – a pick up truck with a metal roof and benches – to the Old City which encompasses the temples.

It is a beautiful park with lots of waterways edged by leaning trees, and pink Lilly’s floating in the ponds. Quite a few of the temples are surrounded by water. In many of the cases quite a lot is now missing from the temples however their sheer size allows you to imagine what once was and to be honest the size of the statues was incredible. This was the first time I had seen a giant Buddha. They are the centre piece in each temple and you are drawn to them, whether it is looking at them from behind from across the lake or peering out between the doorways of once closed off rooms. It is hard not to see the strength behind them.

I rented a bike for 30Bht for the day to ride around on and it was quite a comfortable little bike. It was red this time and charmingly old fashioned looking and similar to Angkor Watt I loved just riding around in the park on it. The park is divided into a central area and then four out laying temple zones. I solely did the centre and the Northern One as the Northern One had two very impressive temples and a shockingly large Buddha. It was a nice way to spend the better part of the day, winding around the park, taking in the styles and beauty of the temples and their locations.


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