Cake, Amok & great entertainment – Otres Beach Market

Every Saturday night Otres Beach hosts a market. Delicious food stalls, beautiful jewellery, books, and live music. The area is filled with tree lights and they have built wooden stalls, a small stage, bars, and a small cafe with a town clock. It is made for and by expats and feels a bit like sitting in a hot quaint London market but it is lovely. For dinner I tried chicken amok. A Cambodian speciality of coconut milk,mild curry taste served over rice I had the chicken but fish is the most popular way to have it. Of course then, it was onto the desserts. There was a stand specialising in “western treats” red velvet cake, coffee and chocolate cake, flourless chocolate cake, baked cheesecake. I was tempted to try to try the cheesecake but also worried as I am a massive lover of baked cheesecake and have been spoiled by places like La Cave (when I was younger), Sweet Hereafter and family made cheesecakes so can be rather picky. In addition to that I am indecisive. Finally after a good chat with the lady who runs the booth and makes the cakes we decided to half two slices so I could try different things, I wasn’t disappointed! Flourless chocolate cake was rich, dark chocolate and slightly gooey and the plain cheesecake with a chocolate ganache topping tasted like something from home. So if you happen to be at the Otres Beach Market one day find the cake stand run by two ladies. She gave me the name of their business but I believe I copied it down wrong unfortunately as I can’t find it. Either way well worth the hunt!


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