A Trip to the Beach

One of the cool things I have found on travelling solo is that you meet another solo traveller and within 5 minutes or so you have summed each other up and decided that you will share a tuk tuk, tour or room to make it cheaper. My visit and stay at Otres Beach near Sihanoukville was this to a tee. I met Alexandria on the bus from Kampot and as we both didn’t have a clue where to stay and wanted something cheap and cheerful we joined forces on arrival at Otres Beach checking out rooms and comparing prices, we decided on Lim Hour Guest House a two bed fan room made of wood with princess style mosquito nets, I was kind of excited about the mosquito nets.

image image

Otres beach is filled with people who have come and never left or are staying for an extended time. Sihanoukville has the largest ex-pat community in Cambodia. It is a long white sandy beach filled with bars, bungalows and restaurants but it is all basic and escapes the tacky beachside resort vibe. Sleep, read, swim repeat were a lot of what my two days consisted of. We did take a boat tour out to Kong Ta Kiev, the boat was a kin to an oversized row boat, and by the time reached our first stop we looked like we had been swimming. We got to snorkel twice on the trip, both at different islands. It was the first time I have ever seen a coral reef. It was pretty spectacular watching all the fish swim in and around the coral, giant sea urchins reflecting the light with their little mirrors/eyes? The only thing that took away from it was that by and large the coral was dead, every now and then you saw colours spurting through but mostly it was brown. It was sad but not depressing when you saw the amount of garbage that was on a lot of the beaches even if it was cleaned up. Saying that it was still impressive and hanging out for a few hours on Ta Kiev a Robinson Crusoe island swimming, walking the beach I couldn’t help but thinking “What is my Life?”


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