The Breathe Taking Beauty of the Temples

I did Ankor Watt National Park over two days but you could quite happily spend a week there perusing the temples, sitting and soaking up the atmosphere and view. The sheer size and grandeur of all of the temples is breath taking. The masonry, architecture, symmetry, and artwork are impressive on their own and more so when you think of the time period they were built in. From Banteay Prei – the lady temple, which they say could only have been built by women due to the intricacy of the carvings, to Bayons faces of stone looking out over every corner of the temple, Ta Prohm where nature has taken over – the tomb rader temple to Pr. Prenup the crematorium or the elephant statues at Phnom Bok I couldn’t tell you which one was my favourite because it changed every time is went to a different temple. And let’s not forget Angkor Watt itself! Humbling. I can tell you my favourite thing overall and that was the door frames. Oversized picture frames that when you walk through seemed like they would take you into a completely different world and time. Through the looking glass.

Intricate carvings at the Lady Temple

Intricate carvings at the Lady Temple


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