My thoughts on biking around the Angkor Watt Park

imagetemple exploringAnyone who knows me, knows that my track record with biking isn’t promising – from flying down a hill with no brakes and going head over handlebars into a ditch or navigating Amsterdam with no shoes in the rain I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the mode of transport. However, saying all that, truly one of the best ways to see Angkor Watt park and the cheapest is by bike. You can rent a bike for 1 or 2 USD for a day! I really wanted to try despite my history and the heat, so on my second day I headed out bright and early on my newly rented bike with a girl I met the evening before. As my bike was pink, I named it Rosa.

By 8am you already felt like you were walking into a hot yoga studio every time you got off the bike and by lunch I longed for the bike rides more than the temples even though it was still hot on the bikes. However saying all that it was a brilliant way to see the temples, we did the small route – easily still over 20km and with a few hours cat nap/break in a window of a small temple we finished by sunset. I still managed to fall off my bike once in the middle of traffic and loose my sandal so had to stop traffic to get it back but it was an adventure and it felt great to move.

Day two we did the big route as we wanted to see the Lady Temple, the route would have been over 35km – we did that one by tuk tuk. It definitely felt luxurious being taken from temple to temple after the day before but if I had to choose I still would go for a bike.


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