Khmer cooking anyone?

My first morning in Siem Riep, as I was still jet legged, I decided to try out a cooking class at Le Tigre de Papier’s. I made my way down to the restaurant where we were given a menu and asked to choose a starter and a main to cook, I chose fresh spring rolls and Samlor Kteas. There were seven of us in total and we were soon marched by our instructor to the market to be taught about the ingredients we would be working with – for me snake beans, carrots, pineapple, cucumber, turmeric, the right type of rice to use etc.

First everything was prepped, starting with our first course, then second which also included the curry paste we would be using in the main. Mine had garlic, shallot, lemon grass, turmeric, ginger, a little hit of chilli and kafir leaves. Making the paste was the most tiring part of the class, chopping the roots and everything else into minute pieces and then smashing them to oblivion until it makes a paste. Great way to get out anger. And rolling the rice paper tightly and neatly for me was the most challenging. So sticky! Then the cooking began, each of us in turns over individual burners trying to watch everyone so you could see what they were doing.

Plated, decorated with carrot flowers (not as easy as it looks to make) and after three hours of intense heat – I do feel bad for the person who had to wash our hats – we got to sit down together to enjoy our creations. I was slightly over heated so couldn’t eat it but got a doggy bag and I must admit my cold Samlor and Spring Rolls made a delicious dinner.



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