From Bangkok to Siem Riep

Arriving at 11:30 at night, tired, nervous and feeling like Alice in Wonderland, I splurged a little and organised to stay at a hotel next to the airport which would be there waiting for me at he airport when I got there.

I booked the Regent Suvarnabhumi Hotel, air conditioning, shower and a giant bed – good for a night after almost 15hours of travelling. They also shuttled me back to the airport the next morning bright and early to figure out how to find the bus to Aranyakas Prathet for the Cambodian. My first lesson leaned – be careful who you ask for help or for directions as they may possibly want payment for helping you. He was a very smily old security gaurs though and I did make it to the bus station and bought my ticket for the bus. I had imagined a coach akin to a greyhound bus, instead was an 11 seater mini bus. It did have AC thankfully.

The trip to the border is 4hours through Thai countryside on a rather bouncy road. Personally, I loved it, every National Geographic article I had ever read about the area when I was a little girl was staring at me in the face. It was familiar and different all at once.

Crossing the border, we did get conned into having the gentleman on the border get the visas for us, but we in turn got a good deal for the taxi into Siem Riep so it worked out in the end and it does take a bit of that unease away. It was two more hours into Siem Riep from the border and I got to experience my first tuk tuk ride.

The one thing I have learned about traffic, driving and walking in Cambodia is that anything goes.


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